Day 32 Podia Question

Day 32 Pre-class Podia Problem: Determining a Rate Law

Consider these data for the hydrolysis of benzenesulfonyl chloride (abbreviated BSC) in aqueous solution containing fluoride ions at 15 °C. The concentration of BSC was 2 × 10−4 M in all trials and from other experiments where no fluoride ions were present the reaction is known to be first order in BSC. Determine the rate law for the overall reaction. Also determine numeric values for all rate constants and express them in appropriate units.

Trial [F] (M) Initial Rate (M/s)
1 0 2.4 × 10−7
2 0.5 × 10−2 5.4 × 10−7
3 2.0 × 10−2 13.9 × 10−7
4 5.0 × 10−2 32.0 × 10−7

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