Day 41 Podia Question

Podia Question

The gravity cell, a variant of the Daniell cell, was described earlier. The cell involves oxidation of Zn(s) by Cu2+(aq). Suppose a gravity cell is constructed with 1.00 L saturated copper(II) sulfate in the bottom and 1.00 L 0.100-M zinc sulfate in the top. (There is no solid copper(II) sulfate in the cell. Assume a temperature of 25 °C.)

Write half-reactions for the overall reaction that powers the gravity cell and label them as oxidation and reduction.

Write the balanced overall cell reaction.

Calculate the standard cell potential.

Calculate the cell potential under the initial (nonstandard) conditions. The solubility of CuSO4•5H2O in water is 32 g/100 mL.

Calculate the cell potential after 99% of the copper(II) ions in the bottom cell solution has reacted. (Assume there is an excess of Zn(s).)

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