Day One

Welcome to Chemistry 109!

If you have not yet worked through the Introduction, please do so before beginning this section.

Today’s work begins with a review of important fundamentals of chemistry. We expect that you are familiar with these ideas and are ready to use them to help you learn more chemistry. Then we introduce fundamental ideas about energy and matter. These ideas will recur throughout this course and we expect they will serve you well during your entire career.

Here are links to all sections of the work for Day One. Be sure to complete them before your whole-class meeting.

D1.1 Substances and Chemical Reactions

D1.2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

D1.3 Chemical Symbols, Formulas, and Equations

D1.4 The Periodic Table

D1.5 Matter, Energy, Models

D1.6 Structure, Energy, and States of Matter

D1.7 What’s Ahead?

Day One Podia Problem

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