A Few Useful Resources for Learning Lingala

Below are some useful resources for students who seek to study Lingala.

Physical Instructional Resources :

Rubben, E. Leçons Pratiques De Lingala. Dison :S. Winandy, 1928.
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Redden, James E. Lingala : Basic Course. Washington :Dept. of State; [for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Govt. Print. Off.], 1963.
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Mateene Kahombo. Jifunze-Yekola : Lingala-Kiswahili. Kampala, Uganda : Kinshasha, Zaire :Editions Bureau Linguistique de l’OUA ; Editions Bobiso, 1975.
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Bwantsa-Kafungu. J’apprends le Lingala tout seule en trois mois. Kinshasa, DRC

Centre Culturel Totombola Nkota ya Biso. Mibeko Mya Lokota Lingala. Kinshasa, DRC, 2017

Reading comprehension resources:


 Le testament d’une mère by Stéphanie Manfroy Boale

Ntoma by Stéphanie Manfroy Boale

Audio/Visual Learning resources:

Lamy Films (Bruxelles), Stephan Films (Paris), Sol’oeil Films (Kinshasa). La Vie Est Belle = Life Is Rosy. San Francisco, CA. :California Newsreel, 1987.
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Beta Cinema presenta a Formosa production in co-production with MG Productions and Suka! Productions … ; produced by Boris Van Gils & Michael Goldberg ; producer, Djo Tunda Wa Munga ; written and directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga. Viva Riva! [Chicago, Ill.] :Music Box Films, 2011.
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Andolf, Granit Films & Cinékap présentent ; un film réalisé par Alain Gomis ; scénario, Alain Gomis ; produit par Arnaud Dommerc, Alain Gomis, Oumar Sall. Félicité. Culver City, CA :Strand Releasing Home Entertainment, 2018.
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Dictionary resources:

 edited by G. Malcom Guthrie. Lingala Grammar and Dictionary. Léopoldville-ouest, Congo Belge :Conseil protestant du Congo, 1935.
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Pashi, Lumana. Lingala-English Dictionary. Kensington, Md. :Dunwoody Press, 1994.
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