Maa (Maasai)

Maasai Lesson #5: Times and Weather Conditions

WELCOME to Lesson #5. In this lesson, we will touch on time and weather conditions in Maa. This is important information for anyone interested in navigating Maa speaking spaces. While Maasai people are familiar with (and use) Swahili time, they also use phrases to describe relative time throughout the day and the week. Here we will learn the relative time phrases. We will also learn terminology for weather conditions and then we will finish this lesson with an activity that involves matching weather pictures with Maa terms to describe these pictures to test your knowledge.


Let’s begin!

  • First, click on this “Times of the Day” link below and spend some time familiarizing yourself with this terminology.

Times of the Day


  • Second, now that you have learned the times of the day in Maa, let’s pivot and learn some weather terminology. After this lesson, we will be able to talk with people about the conditions of the spaces around you – how exciting! Click on the “Weather Conditions” link below and spend some time getting to know these words. Consider making flashcards to practice this information. Once you know these phrases we will have a fun activity to help make sure we know these words well.

Weather Conditions


  • Finally, let’s put what we have learned into practice! Get ready for a fun activity!
  • Using the table of terms listed below, match these words with the correct image on the “Weather Pictures” page. These are some of the terms you have learned in the “Weather Conditions.” You will need a piece of paper and a pen to be able to complete this activity. Number the paper 1-10 to match the images in the “Weather Pictures” page!


enkinuku/kenuku olameyu olari enchan
nkatampo aisiusiu/keisiusiu keiwuang’ita enchan o soito
enkarenang’unye aoshu enkolong

Weather Pictures


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