Final Audio/Writing Exercise

Here is a final exercise that uses audio to test how much you’ve been able to pick up on Nepali throughout the lessons in this book! As practice for my presentation in Nepali on Nepal’s education system, I recorded myself presenting the current issues with the system. Before watching, review this list of vocabulary words. Then, while listening/watching the video take time to note when they are used and HOW they are used in sentences and in the presentation. Then, give it a try on your own to write up a short 1-2 paragraph essay on what you learned from the presentation. Or, if you are at a more advanced level, then write about the education system in another country or place of your interest. You can use the list of vocabulary words if they are relevant for the essay writing.


शिक्षा प्रणाली- education system

बिद्यालय – school

विद्यार्थी – student

शिक्षक- teacher

गुणस्तरीय – quality

अभाव – lacking

समान – equal (adjective)

अधिकार – equality (noun)

मौका – opportunity

जात- caste

बन्चित – disadvantaged

बिकास – development

सहायता – aid

अधिकार – access

आधारभूत तह – primary level

भ्रष्टाचार – corruption

विभेद- discrimination

सस्तो – cheap

छात्रवृत्ति – scholarship

उपलब्ध/पर्याप्त छैन – not enough

निशुल्क- free of charge

पोशाक- uniform

सरकार / सरकारी- government

विदेश – a foreign country

काम गर्नु-  to work

महत्त्व- importance

ध्यान- focus

माध्यमिक तह -secondary level

नगरपालिका – municipality

महानगरपालिका – metropolis

Here is a short exercise where you can practice learning the meaning of these words.



Then, watch this short presentation on the current issues in the education system in Nepal to hear them “in action!”

Lastly, try and write an essay on your own using the new vocabulary words. Have fun with it! Check it over with your language mentor or other language partners who can offer insight into how to improve your writing. GREAT WORK!!


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