Nepali Conjunctions

And, but, also, after that, that’s why, so….. Conjunctions are a critical part of speech joining two sentences. In today’s lesson, we will learn about common conjunctions needed for Nepali language.

र  (Ra) – And

पिरो गुलियो खान सबै भन्दा मन पर्ने हो – Spicy and sweet food is my favorite.

म एकजना दिदि दुइजना बहिनि छन् – I have one older sister and two younger sisters.

तर (tara) – But

नेपाल गएको छ तर भारत गएको छैन – I have already gone to Nepal but have not yet gone to India.

हामीलाई किताब पढ़ना मन पर्छ तर लेख्न मन पर्दैन – We like to read books but don’t like to write.

* Careful of  saying तारा (taaraa) which means star.

अनि (ani) – And then/ After that

उसले नराम्रो खाना खायो अनि बिरामी भयो – He ate bad food and then was sick.

त्यो समयमा बन बाट बाघ आयो अनि सबै जना करायो – At that time a tiger came from the forest and after that every person yelled.

*अनि , with inflection, can also be used as a question to say “And then?” “And after that?” “And so?”

कि (ki) – Or

तपाई आज जानुहुन्छ कि भोलि जानुहुन्छ – Are you going today or tomorrow?

कफी कि चिया खानु मन लाग्छ – Do you like coffee or tea?

अथवा (athawa) – Either

यदि भोलि पानि पर्छ भने हामी तिवि हेर्छौं अथवा मोमो बनाउछौँ – If it rains tomorrow then we will either watch TV or make momo.

आज दल भात अथवा सिस्नु भात खान्छ – We’ll either eat dal bhat or sisnu bhat today.

त्यसैले (tyasaile) – So/Therefore

मा जानु मन पर्दैन त्यसैले घरमा बस्छु – I don’t want to go, so I’m staying at home.

मेरो घर सफा भइन त्यसैले तिमीहरु आउनु सक्दिन – My house isn’t clean therefore you all cannot come.

*If you want to ask “So?”, use अनि Ani?

त्यसकारण (Tyaskaran) – That’s the reason

उ दिलो उतियो त्यसकारण गाडीमा जनै पर्छ – He woke up late, and so (that’s the reason) he had to go in a car.

हिजो हामीले हाम्रो काम सिध्याइन त्यसकारण आज फेरि गर्छौं – Yesterday we didn’t finish our work, that’s the reason today we have to do it again.


Practice what you’ve learned!


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