Cultural Resources

Below is a short list of resources discussing culture and the history of Liberia. For more resources on Liberia see the Koloqua language page.


  • 1) In The Shadow of Ebola (Greg Mitman): A short documentary by Professor Greg Mitman (UW-Madison).
  • 2) Land Beneath Our Feet (Greg Mitman and Emmanuel Urey): A longer documentary by Prof. Mitman and former doctoral student Dr. Emmanuel Urey, that investigates land rights in Liberia.

Books (Non-Fiction):

Books (Literature and analysis):

  • 1) Nuggets of the African Novel: With Notes on the Liberian Literary Heritage (2005) by K. Moses Nagbe: Analyzes African literature with special references to stories and styles that originated in Liberia.
  • 2) When the Wanderers Come Home (Poetry) (2016) by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley: Poems about the author’s return home and the pain and destruction that were a part of and followed from the two civil wars in Liberia.
  • 3) In Monrovia the River Visits the Sea (children/young adult story) (2012) by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley: A childrens book that explores the relationship of two siblings near the Mesurado River.
  • 4) She Would be King (2018) by Wayetu Moore: Is a recently released book and debut by Moore, that has garnered worldwide attention and praise. Written in a magical realist style, the book reimagines the early years of Liberia (19th century).

Music (Hipco): Below are several videos of Liberian Hip-Hop or Hipco.



  • 1) Visions From the Forests: An gallery of artwork from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

Some Key Individuals(Presidents and Philosophers/thinkers)

  • 1) Edward Wilmot Blyden
  • 2) Alexander Crummell
  • 3) Joseph Jenkins Roberts
  • 4) William Tubman
  • 5) Samuel Doe
  • 6) Charles Taylor
  • 7) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  • 8) George Weah


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