Malagasy Pulses & Legumes & Vegetables

apemby sorghum
artichaut artichoke
haricot verts green beans
kabaro lima beans / butter beans
katsaka maize / corn
legioma mifangaro mixed vegetables (e.g., chopped)
lentille lentils
mazto white version of green beans
petit pois peas
soja soy [related: fromazy soja]
tsaramaso beans
tsaramaso fotsy white beans
tsaramaso mena red beans [can include kidney beans]
tsaramaso vandana red-and-white beans
tsiasisa mung beans
vary rice
varim-bazaha wheat [foreigner’s rice]
voanemba black-eyed peas
voanjobory pois de bambara
bambara beans
Often called groundnut or peanut, synonymously but actually distinct.
voanjo mena red peanuts
voanjo vandana red and white peanuts


anana greens (general)
betaravy red beet
broccoli broccoli
laisoa cabbage
karoty carrots
mangahazo cassava
navet radish
ovy potato
saonjo taro
salady lettuce
soufleur cauliflower
tongolo onion
tongolo gasy garlic
tongolo maintso green onions / shallots
tongolo oignon (large, peelable) onion
tongolo porreau leeks
vomanga sweet potatoes


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