Hausa Alphabet

The Hausa alphabet shares 22 letters with the English alphabet. The letters ‘x’, ‘v’, ‘p’, and ‘q’ are omitted. It also has letter combinations that are treated as single letters and the letters ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘k’, and ‘y’ have two forms–one with an apostrophe and one without.

Letter Pronunciation
A, a ah
B, b ba
Ɓ, ɓ bah
C, c cha
D, d da
Ɗ, ɗ dah
E, e eh
F, f fa
Fy, fy fya
G, g ga
Gw, gw gwa
Gy, gy gya
H, h ha
I, i e
J, j ja
K, k ka
Ƙ, ƙ kah
Kw, kw kwa
Ky, ky kya
Ƙw, ƙw kwah
Ƙy, ƙy kyah
L, l la
M, m ma
N, n na
O, o o
R, r ra (flipped or rolled)
S, s sa
Sh, sh sha
T, t ta
Ts, ts tsa
U, u oowh
W, w wa
Y, y ya
‘Y, ‘y / Ƴ, ƴ yah
Z, z za

A great resource to hear letter pronunciation can be found here.

**note that many sources vary slightly in their presentation of the Hausa alphabet. This list was developed using a combination of resources, borrowing from each of them. The letter Ƴ, ƴ is mostly seen in Niger.


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