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Nepali-English Glossary

  • This online glossary is written to accompany the Nepali Beginners Primer by Banu and Shambhu Oja. By itself, this text serves as a beginner’s vocabulary guide.

English-Nepali Glossary of ELA Terms

  • A University of New York resource of English Language Arts terms translated into Nepali. Not very extensive, but provides a very clear compilation of more technical and formal words in ELA.

Online Nepali E-Library

  • An online library with books in English and Nepali for students and teachers. Categories of literature include: literature and arts; course material; teaching materials; reference materials; educational materials; and newspapers and magazines.



    • Nepalgo is a website dedicated to Nepali language learning. It offers free access to lessons including vocabulary and sentence structure that range from beginner to advanced to help Nepali language learners.

Third-Eye Volunteer Training Program Manuals

  • A series of brief volunteer training manuals that include useful language phrases, customs, songs, and information about Nepal. These manuals give examples of basic customs and phrases for beginners or short-term travelers.


Typing in Nepali

  • A website that offers transliteration of Nepali into Devanagari script from roman typing.

Easy Nepali Typing 

  • Another website that provides transliteration from roman typing to Devanagari script in Nepali. Helpful if you know and understand the correct spelling of words and just need to write up the Devanagari. It does not “spell check.”


Youtube Playlist Reading, Writing, Nepali Alphabet

  • Youtube videos recorded by native speaker Sharad Dhakal with audio files and graphics of Nepali alphabet, Devanagari script, basic phrases, and vocabulary. This is a great resource for audio-visual learners to practice correct pronunciation.

Peace Corps Nepal YouTube Lessons

  • Along with the Peace Corps Nepal audio lessons from the previous sections, these YouTube videos can serve as “mini-lessons” to review basic vocabulary and structures. These also serve well as applied audio material for basic Nepali, as footage from Nepal is used to show fruits, numbers, etc., etc.


Online Newspapers

  • Online Nepali news sources from all over Nepal, many of which have options for translation on-site from English to Nepali Devanagari. Useful if looking for new vocabulary to practice or working on translation.


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