Gambian Wolof (EC)



This Pressbook Chapter will be about my progress in and tips for learning Gambian Wolof, starting with an introduction of the country itself.

It is important to specify that it is from The Gambia because other west African countries, Senegal for example, also speak Wolof but have different words due to strong French influences while Gambia has fewer. Colonial history and European influencing languages, amongst other things like religion, ethnicities, and level of education, play a major role in how countries so close to each other (in fat Gambia is surrounded by Senegal), Senegal and The Gambia, can speak different variations of a language by the same name. For example, the travel guide agency My Gambia shares, “Since Gambia is 95% Muslim, the most common greeting is As-Salaam-Alaikum, which is in fact, in the Arabic language. The proper response is “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.”


Britannica’s article “The Gambia” Sarris, a lot of great information on the country. Gambia is in West Africa along the Atlantic coast. It is about 15 to 30 miles wide, extends for almost 300 miles and also home to the Gambia River (“The Gambia”). Its capital is Banjul, with other popular cities, including Serrekunda and Bakau. An estimation of the 2023 population stands at just over 2.9 million people (“The Gambia”). The official language is English, but many other languages like Mandinka are spoken by ethnic groups, including the majority Malinke, the Wolof, Fulani (Fulbe), Diola (Jula) (the longest residents of the country) and Soninke peoples (“The Gambia”). Britannica also explains how territorial compromises between Great Britain and France delineated lines between the Gambia and Senegal. Tourism is a major part of the Gambia’s economy, including the production and expectation of peanuts (“The Gambia”). More extensive information can be found in this article through this link:


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