Useful Online Resources for Learning Acholi

Here is a list of web-based resources that can help you in your Acholi study!

Instructional Resources

As you begin your Acholi study, the following resources will provide an introduction to Acholi pronunciation, basic vocabulary and simple grammar:

  • The U.S. Peace Corps office in Uganda has produced a 9-unit introductory book that includes lessons and a supporting workbook full of activities. Downloadable versions are hosted by here.
  • Signature Films, a film company based in Gulu, Uganda has a number of Acholi instructional materials on its YouTube channel. A series of 12 videos called “Learn Acholi with Eunice” are particularly well done. Access the first in the series here.
  • The Omniglot project has a helpful page about Acholi that includes a Pronunciation Guide and video examples of Acholi pronunciation.
  • Quizlet is full of flashcards made by other Acholi learners that can help you begin studying. For example, try this flashcard set for basic Acholi and see how well you do!

Resources for Reading, Watching and Listening

As you develop a basic foundation, it is important to engaging consistently with “comprehensible input” – that is text, sound and visual content in Acholi. Here’s a few web-based resources for reading, watching and listening in Acholi:

  • The website provides easy access to streaming radio stations throughout the world, including an Acholi station based in Arua, Uganda called ‘Radio Pacis’. In addition to providing sound, helps you with geography skills and you scroll a map to find your station!
  • Music videos are a great way to immerse yourself into the sound and culture of a language. This video of Acholi Mito Dongo Lobo by Lucky Bosmic Otim is a great example, and provides lots of visuals of Gulu Town, a central hub of Acholi speaking regions.
  • In 2016 the Portland Public Schools created a brochure for parents outlining what kids should know at the end of K through 6 grades. There are downloadable Acholi and English versions available here. These are great reading resources, since there are English and Acholi versions and the content itself is focused on introductory learning outcomes!

Resources for finding Conversation Partners

To put your budding language skills to use, you’ll need to engage in real life conversations with friends and mentors.

  • If you are looking for a formal language mentor, a great resource is the City Language Center in Kampala. Use their contact information on their website and let them know what kind of mentor relationship you are interested in. Note – this will cost money.
  • Unfortunately, no Acholi teachers are listed on popular sites like Perhaps as you grow in expertise, you can become the first!


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