Xhosa: Food

Xhosa and food 

Learning to offer, and accept food.  

Food = Ukutya

Drink = ukusela

Kunjani ngekeyiki?/ How about something to eat?

Kunjania ngekofu/ngeti? / How about coffee or tee?

Accept and decline

Ewe, enkosi

Hayi, enkosi (beware! denying food that is being offered is considered impolite

in Xhosa culture)


Express appreciation 

Kumnandi! expresses gratefulness

Inencasa gqitha! it’s very delicious!

Imnandi kahului, it’s great!

Ijongeka intree le keyiki! it looks so good this cake!



uThandiwe: Molo uXola! Unjani? (Hi uXola! How are you?)

uXola: Ndikhona. Unjani? (I am well, how about you?)

uThandiwe: Hayi, ndiphilile. Enkosi. Ndiza kwamtela ekhaya. Kunjani ngekofu/ngeti?

(I am doing fine. Thank you. Come on in, and welcome to my home. Can I offer you coffee or tea?)

uXola: Ewe, ngekofu, enkosi!  (Yes, coffee. thank you!)

uThandiwe: Ndingakupha isilayi sekeyiki?  (would you like a slice of cake?)

uXolo: Ewe, enkosi . Imnandi Kakhulu! (yes, that sounds great!)

uThandiwe: Uyayithanda? (How do you like it?)

uXolo: Inencasa gqithal! (It’s delicious!)

uThandiwe: Enkosi. Ndiyacela zize uncede! (Thank you. Please help yourself to some more).







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