Malagasy: Going Out

Going Out

Inona no tianao hatao androany? What would you like to do today?
Mila mianatra aho izao. Omeo adiny roa aho. I need to study right now. Give me 2 hours.
Na izany aza, anio alina dia te handeha hisakafo any amin’ny hotely aho. However, tonight I would like to go eat at a restaurant. anio – today / later today

alina – evening

Mianatra loatra ianao! Tokony handeha any amin’ny hotely sy boite de nuit isika. You study too much! We should go to a restaurant and a nightclub. tokony – should [follow with future tense]
Tsia! Halako ny boite de nuit! Te handeha hisakafo hariva fotsiny aho. I hate nightclubs! I only want to go and eat dinner. hala – spider

halako – hated (by me) [passive]

mankahala – to hate

misakafo hariva – to eat dinner

Inona ny karazana sakafo tena tianao ho hanina androany alina? What kind of food do you really want to eat tonight?  
Eny, inona ny karazana sakafo mampilendalenda anao? What kind of food is making you salivate?  
Sakafo japonais no mampilendalenda ahy. Japanese food is making me salivate.  
Te hihinana sakafo koreana aho. I want to eat Korean food.
Sakafo koreana eto Antananarivo? Misy hotely koreanina ve eto? Korean food in Antananarivo? Is there a Korean restaurant here?
Eny, misy ny Restaurant Arirang. Yes, there is Arirang Restaurant.
Hotely tsara misy sakafo matsiro izy. It is a good restaurant with delicious food.
Hotely tsara misy sakafo matsiro izany. It is a good restaurant which has delicious food.
Masiaka ve ny sakafo koreana? Is Korean food spicy?
Tena masiaka sy matsiro! It is very spicy and delicious! tena – really; genuine/real

matsiro – delicious.

Tsy tia sakafo masiaka aho! Mamparary ny kiboko izany. I do not like spicy food! It hurts my stomach. kibo – stomach

izany – that

Tsy tia sakafo masiaka aho! Mamparary kibo ahy izany.  
Mila tonga ianao! You need to come! tonga – to come/arrive
Tsy maintsy tonga ianao! You have to come! tsy maintsy – have to
Ho faty aho! I will die! ho – [marker of future tense]

faty – dead/corpse


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