Expressing Likes and Dislikes


Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson students should be able to talk about their likes and dislikes

Step 1: Introduce the lesson by teaching these words.

  Penda                                                                               Chukia

Step 2: Remind them of the previous class on making simple basic sentence. Using the appropriate pronoun and verb particles, talk about the items below using penda and chukuia

Kitabu- books

Hisabati- Maths

Chakula- food

Mbwa- dog

Nyoka- snake

Chokoleti- chocolate

Limau- lemon

For example: Ninapenda chakula

Ninachukia nyoka

Step 3: Ask the students to turn the sentences they have to the negative forms that still expressed their original meaning. For example: Ninapenda chakula= Sichukii chakula

Step 4: Ask the students to form pairs and ask if their partner likes or dislikes an item on the list. They should also reverse the roles.

Step 5: Pick two favorite new expressions from the list here Essential Swahili Sentences For Expressing Dislike ( and share with your partner.

Step 6: Teacher encourages students to use the expressions to talk about themselves.

Mimi si shabiki mkubwa  chockoleti. Sifurahi  wimbo hii


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