Arabic – Lebanese Dialect

Gapped Text Exercise 2


This next exercise involves song lyrics from Fairuz. For those who do not know,  Fairuz is widley considered as one of the leading vocalists and most famous singers in the history of the Arab World. She is from Lebanon and is lovingly referred to as “rouh Lebnan,” the Soul of Lebanon.

I translated the song to the best of my ability and left gaps where I did not know the word.

Exercise: Ana Le Habiby


انا لحبيبي وحبيبي إلي
ana le habiby w habiby ili
(I for my Love and my Love to me)

يا عصفورة بيضا، لا بقى تسألي
ya 3Sfora baida, la b2a tsa2li
(O, ___ white, I don’t ___ my ___)

لا يعتب حدا ولا يزعل حدا
La y3atib hada w la yaz3ol hada
(He does not ___ ___and he doesn’t ___ ___)

Verse 1

حبيبي ندهني قالي الشتا راح
habiby ndhani a2li ashhita ra7
(my Love we ___ my___ in winter will)

رجعت اليمامة، زهر التفاح
raji3t al-yamaama, zahar a-tifeh
(I come ___, apple blossoms)

Verse 2

وأنا على بابي الندي والصباح
w ana 3la baabi an-nadi w as-Sbaa7
(and I onto my door ___ and in the mornings)

بعيونك ربيعي نور وحلي
b3iyounak rabi3i noor wa7li
(I ___ you my ___ light ___)

Verse 3

وندهني حبيبي، جيت بلا سؤال
w ndahini habiby, jait bla so2aal
(and we ___ my Love, i came without ___)

من نومي سرقني، من راحة البال
men noumi sar2ni, men raa7a al-baal
(from my sleep ___, from ___ ___)

Verse 4

وأنا علي دربه ودربه عالجمال
w ana 3la drbho w drbho 3al jamal
(and I onto his ___ and his ___ on Beauty)

يا شمس المحبة حكايتنا أغزليها
ya shams al-m7iba 7kaayitnal 2ghzliya
(O sun ___ our ___ ___)


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