Annotated list of 5-10 learning resources (Yoruba)


  1. Lasebikan, E. L. (Ebenezer Latunde). Learning Yoruba. London :Oxford University Press, 1958.
    A small book which supplies Yoruba learners with a systematic and carefully graded course. The author had many years’ experience of teaching Yoruba to Europeans, mainly English people, both in Nigeria and in the UK.
  2. Delano, Isaac O. A Modern Yoruba Grammar. London ; New York :T. Nelson, 1965.
    A Yoruba instructional book which focuses on Yoruba grammar, with abundant examples and exercises.
  3. Delano, Isaac O. Àgbékà Ọrọ Yoruba: Appropriate Words and Expressions in Yoruba. London :Oxford University Press, 1960.
    A Yoruba textbook organized through different topics, including lots of Yoruba idioms, proverbs, and monosyllabic verbs.
  4. Rowlands, E. C. (Evan Celyn). Teach Yourself Yoruba. London :English Universities P., 1969.
    A well-organized textbook for self-instructed Yoruba learners. There are new vocabulary and translation exercise in each section.
  5. De Gaye, J. A. (Jules A.). Yoruba Composition. London : Lagos :Routledge & K. Paul ; C.M.S. Bookshop, 1951.
    A useful handbook teaching how to construct complex Yoruba sentences. There are many useful Yoruba proverbs and quotations with English translation.
  6. Delano, Isaac O. Conversation in Yoruba and English. New York :Praeger, 1964.
    A collection of everyday Yoruba conversations, with English translation. I personally highly recommend it since it gives different expressions to convey a certain idea.