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Dear Reader,

I am sure you already have quite a few resources for learning Arabic at your fingertips. As a third-year Arabic learner myself, I have listed out some programs that I use weekly to help my own studies. Happy learning!

Arabic for Learning

  1. Al-Jazeera (Art):  Learning Arabic would not be the same without Al-Jazeera as so many instructors assign readings from this new source. However, I have found reading the art section can at times better facilitate language learning as it will often have news from the Hollywood film industry. This provides English-speaking readers an excellent baseline for context encouraging them to read on instead of simply becoming frustrated because they do not understand.
  2. Aswaat Arabia: If you have taken Arabic classes you might already be familiar with Aswaat Arabia. This compendium of Arabic videos (in fusha and dialect) produced by the University of Texas is a valuable learning tool. It allows students to select their listening level and train their ear while also having an option to slow down the video in order to better understand. With this tool you can review what you have studied before, practice at your level and push the boundaries!


Arabic for Cultural Listening

  1. Arabic BBC Radio: An excellent program for listening to Arabic every morning. The program usually talks about events occurring in the Arab World or more broadly the Middle East. This program is all in fusha giving students a valuable opportunity to test their abilities to understand current affairs in Arabic.
  2. TuneIn: This website offers options for listening to different types of Arabic. Students are often only minimally exposed to the numerous varieties of Arabic. Thus this resource can be used to decide what type of Arabic one would like to learn or what country one would want to travel abroad to. Learners can listen to songs, catch up on sports news and in some cases listen to Arabic mystery radio dramas.


Arabic for Fun

  1.  Harun al-Rashid: This Syrian historical drama set in the 8th century follows Crown Prince Harun al-Rashid as he is unrightfully deposed by his brother the Caliph. Rashid, an honorable warrior and noble statesman becomes embroiled in a political battle that sets on the path to becoming Caliph himself. Students of Arabic will may find this program easier to understand because of the frequent use of fusha words, Syrian dialect not to mention the English subtitles.
  2. Arabic Cartoons Online: A series of 30 episodes in Arabic featuring familiar stories such as “Aladdin”, “The Three Musketeers,” “Gulliver’s Travels,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Learners can easily follow along these 30 minute episodes (without subtitles) improving listening skills.


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