Arabic—Tunisian Dialect

Library resources for Tunisian Colloquial Arabic (TCA)

Unfortunately, there are not many library resources for TCA. This is not one of the most commonly spoken Arabic dialects, and generally there are not many resources for Maghrebi dialects other than Moroccan Arabic.

The library has one physical book on TCA:

Inglefield, Patrick L. (1970) Tunisian Arabic Basic Course. Indiana University: Bloomington.


This source is very unlikely to be useful. It is a mimeograph of a text typed on a typewriter, so the formatting is very difficult to read. It also does not use the Arabic script, which is frustrating. It’s also 50 years old, so I think the language itself has changed a bit since then, plus language pedagogy has changed as well.


From the library, I was also able to find Peace Corps courses on TCA:

“Free Peace Corps Arabic Courses.” Live Lingua. Accessed October 30, 2020.


These are also, unfortunately, outdated and hard to follow.


There is also a very hard-to-use dictionary from the Peace Corps:

Abdelkader, Ben. “Peace Corps English-Tunisian Arabic Dictionary.” (1977).


I’d recommend an online dictionary over this one


Also one publicly available article (not scholarly) on the Tunisian language:

Turki, H., Zribi, R., Gibson, M., & Adel, E. (2015). Tunisian Arabic.


This source gives a linguistic overview of the language, but is unlikely to provide language learners with much useful information for their studies.


Since the library resources are so sparse, I would suggest relying more on digital sources available on the world wide web. See this link for more information:

Online resources for learning Tunisian Colloquial Arabic (TCA)


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