Basic expressions about food

Key words:

hunger yunwa
want/like son
full/satisfied koshi
eat ci
need kamata
food abinci
rice and beans wake da shinkafa
Nigerian soup tuwo
pineapple abarba
chicken kaza
thank you na gode

As a reminder: Ina/na = I


Basic Phrases

Ina jin yunwa = I am/feel hungry

Ya kamata na ci abinci = I need to eat some food

Ina son abarba = I like/want pineapple

Ba na son kaza = I do not like chicken

Na ci abinci na koshi = I ate food. I am satisfied.


**Note that the same word, son, is used to express want and need therefore the same expression would be used, to say, for example,  “I like rice and beans” and “I want rice and beans.” The meaning would be derived based on context.

In addition, these expressions can be used outside of the context of food to express likes, dislikes, and feelings. For example, ina jin baci, I am/feel tired.


Note the differences when speaking about someone else:

Mariam tana jin yunwa = Mariam (she) is hungry

Miriam kana jin yunwa = Mariam (you) are hungry

Mohammad yana jin yunwa = Mohammad (he) is hungry

Mohammad kina jin yunwa = Mohammad (you) are hungry


How would you say the following?


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