Introductions in chiShona


  • Mr. – va
  • mrs, – mai
  • miss – mukunda
  • sir – changamire
  • madam – mhanduwe
  • miss – vahanzvadzi (also respectful for sister)
  • zita renyu ndiani? – what is your name?
  • zita rangu ndi…/ndinonzi… – my name is…
  • ndimi ____ here? Are you (_so and so_)?
  • ko – and
  • imi – you


Scenario: Mr Banga meets Anesu for the first time

VaBanga:                     Kwaziwai vahanzvadzi.

Anesu:                         Kwaziwai changamire. Zita renyu ndiani?

VaBanga:                     Zita rangu ndiBanga (Ndinonzi VaBanga).

Anesu:                         Ndatenda VaBanga.

VaBanga:                     Ndatenda. Ko, imi zita renyu ndiani?

Anesu:                         Zita rangu ndiAnesu (Ndinonzi Anesu).

VaBanga                      Ndatenda Anesu.


Cultural Note:

The plural of respect introduced in the previous chapter works here too because these two are strangers. Hence ‘kwaziwai’ instead of ‘kwaziwa’. It would also be used when greeting someone who is older, or more than one person.


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