Swahili Online Resources and Activities


  1. Langmedia- Swahili: Buying Things

Objective: You should be able to talk about the market scene and your usual shopping experience.

Step 1:

Warm up by talking about the market- soko while your mentor corrects you where and when necessary.

Nilienda sokoni jana kwa miguu/baasi.  Napenda kuenda sokoni kila Jumamosi. Hununua vyakula, vinywaji, vitabu, nguo na vitu vingine kwenye sokoni. Merekani ina masoko mengi na maduka makubwa sana. Katika Madison, kuna maduka za Target, Woodmans, Mbichi sokoni, masoko za Afrika.

Step 2:

Watch Kenya Thrift Market and:

  1. talk about the scene with your mentor first by recounting what you heard and asking clarifying questions.
  2. answer some questions raised by your mentor. For example

-The seller was calling out to passersby by saying what?

-How much did the first buyer with a child buy the shirt for?

Step 3:

Write down and memorize new expressions.

Step 4:

Write about what your present shopping lists, where you need to go to get them and how it usually goes.



2.   Swahili Fairy Tales – YouTube

Follow the same steps as above to learn about the story of the Ugly Duckling in Swahili

Bata wenye sura mbaya | Ugly Duckling in Swahili | Swahili Fairy Tales – YouTube