Online Language Resources

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1. Horne, Elinor C. 1961. Beginning Javanese. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press. Book Comprehensive introduction to Javanese grammar and vocabulary.
2. Robson, S., Wibisono, S., & Kurniasih, Y. (2002). Javanese English dictionary. Singapore: Periplus. Dictionary Dictionary which includes vocabulary for each register.
3. NIU Website NIU Javanese language course materials.
4. UCLA – Language Materials Project Website Encyclopedia entry on Java/Indonesia and Javanese culture and language. Includes a useful list of references at the bottom for other Javanese language learning materials.
5. Pusat Bahasa (Indonesia). (2001). Tata bahasa Jawa mutakhir. Jakarta: Pusat Bahasa, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional. Book Javanese grammar book written in Indonesian.
6. Keeler, W. (1992). Javanese: A cultural approach. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Center for International Studies. Javanese grammar book that takes a cultural approach, breaking down vocabulary and grammar through conversation examples.


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