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Our Women on the Ground   edited by Zahra Hankir

This book is a compilation of essays by 19 female Arab journalists about their experiences as journalists in the recent war zones of the Arab World. Very powerful. I highly recommend it. Some of the journalists are Lebanese but the journalists are from all over the Arab World:  Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, and Libya.

How Does It Feel To Be a Problem? written by Moustafa Bayoumi

This book investigates what it means to be Arab and Muslim American by looking at the live of seven different Arab Americans living in Brooklyn. In this book the author touches on major modern concerns for the modern Arab American: race, religion, and civil rights. I have not read it. But it is definitely on the list!

Being Arab by Samir Kassir

Samir Kassir is a Lebanese Journalist and a left-wing activist. In the years leading up to his assassination, he was a vocal critique of the Syrian regime. This is his last book before his death. In it, Kassir is critical of the effects of Colonization and Modernity on the current Arab World.

Article on Sectarianism in Lebanon

This article by Alexander D. M. Henley, faculty at Oxford University, is a good overview of Sectarianism in Lebanon. Since the country’s establishment, Lebanon has had a political system based on the representation of religious sects. The essay also gives a fair criticism of the lack of representation for individual people, but instead of religious elites, that exists in this style and approach to representation.

Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies

This a well of knowledge. This research center archives the history of Lebanese Diaspora, mainly in the US but also around the world. It has articles on the history of the diapora as well as stories about individual people.



Guide to Traditional Lebanese Cuisine: 24 Lebanese Staples

This article shares some of the major flavors, techniques and dishes in Lebanese cuisine. Be careful not to read this on an empty stomach-you will start craving Kibbeh!


The Mediterranean Dish

This website dedicates an entire pahe to Lebanese recipes! I highly recommend mamoul (date filled cookies) and mahalabia (milk pudding). My in-laws have made both and they are so good!





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