Weather is a central part of conversation, particularly for farming communities. Below is a short list of important vocabulary to begin speaking about weather.

yanayi weather/conditions
sanyi cold
zafi hot
damina rain
bazara dry
yanzu now
me yasa why
wahala to suffer

Read the conversation below and try to answer the questions that follow:

(two friends talking on the phone, Ibrahima was in Wisconsin for over a year and Cheihk is unsure if he is back in Nigeria. He is also curious about the weather in Wisconsin)

Cheikh: Sannu Ibrahima

Ibrahima: Sannu Cheikh

Cheikh: Kwana biou

Ibrahima: Lafiya lau. Ina ayuka?

Cheikh: Lafiya. Ka na Wisconsin ne ko ka na Nigeria?

Ibrahima: Ina Nigeria.

Cheikh: Da kyau. A Wisconsin wani yanayi ku ki da shi?

Ibrahima: A Wisconsin da aki da shi da yanayi hudu. Akwai damina, akwai zafi, akwai bazara, da akwai sanyi.

Cheikh: Wani yanayi aki ciki yanzu a Wisconsin?

Ibrahima: Akwai sanyi.

Cheihk: Yaya yanayi sanyi?

Ibrahima: Akwai sanyi sosai, na sha wahala.


Test your comprehesion!


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