Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Drew’s First Arabic Lesson

Arabic Class!

Let’s learn some Arabic! The following lesson will give you some basic phrases in Arabic. I will provide the Arabic then a transliteration in Latin Characters and finally a translation.


السلام عليكم واهلا بك إلى صف اللغة العربية

انا استاذك و اسمي درو

Salam alaikum wa ahlan wa sahlan bik ila saf algra arabia. Ana Ostaadhk wa ismee droo”

“Peace be upon you and welcome to Arabic Class. I am your instructor and my name is Drew”

Introductions: What’s Your Name/ Where you From

ما اسمك؟

Ma Ismooka (when asking a man)/ Ma Ismooki (when asking a woman)

“What is your name”



“My name is”



“Pleased to me you”

كيف الحال

Kayf al Haal? 

“How are you”

بخيرالحمد لله

Bikhair al-hamdulillah

“I’m fine, thanks be to God”

من اين انت؟

Min ayna anta (m)/ min ayna anti (f) 

“Where are you from ?”

…انا من مدينة … في ولاية

Ana min madinat … fi walayiat…

“I am from the city of …. in the state of …”

مع السلامة



Do you Like the Cat? Do you Like the Dog?

هل تحب/تحبين القتة؟

Haal Toohib (m)/ Toohibeen (f) al-qitta?

“Do you like the cat?”

نعم أحب القتة

Na’m, Ohhib al-qitta (the apostrophe sound here is an “Ah” sound in the back of  your throat)

“Yes, I like the cat”

لا أحب القتة

Laa Ohhib al-qitta

“I do not like the cat”

هل تحب/تحبين الكلب؟

Haal toohib (m) / toohibeen (f) al-Kelb? 

“Do you like the dog?”

نعم/لا أحب الكلب

Na’m Ohhib al-kelb/la ohhib al-Kelb

“Yes I like the dog/I do not like the dog”

How the Cat Gets Its Stripes: It's Genetics, Not a Folk Tale - The New York Times



Italian Greyhound - Wikipedia









Do you Drink Tea/ Coffee?

هل تشرب/تشربين الشاي؟

Haal Tashrab (m)/Tashrabiin (f) as-chai?

“Do you drink tea?”

هل تشرب/تشربين القهوة؟

Haal Tashrab (f)/ Tashrabiin (f) al-qahwa?

نعم أسرب الشاي/القهوة

Na’m ashrab as-chai/al-qahwa

“Yes I drink tea/coffee”

لا أسرب الشاي/القهوة

La Ashrab as-chai/al-qahwa

“No I do not drink tea/coffee”

A Guide to Different Types of Tea | Food & WineCoffee - Wikipedia

The Realities of Arabic Textbooks

Studying Arabic is such a wonderful and culturally enriching experience. Still, you will quickly learn that geopolitical realities between the United States and the Arab World will influence what you learn. Here is one phrase I learned in my first year Arabic classroom before I learned colors, ordinal numbers or alternate forms for “mother” or “father.”

انا ضابط في الجيش

Ana daabit fil jaysh

“I am an officer in the army”






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