Arabic – Egyptian Dialect

Tips on Finding a Mentor

Personal Experience

My experience finding a native Egyptian speaker is part of the reason I chose the dialect. I was between the Levant and the Egyptian dialect when I met Omar through a mutual friend. From my first few encounters with Omar I could tell he would be a great mentor and friend. He hinted at all the reasons to choose Egyptian over the Levant due to the popularity and beauty of the dialect until I gave in and decided to learn EA.


On Campus: I don’t have experience searching for Egyptian native speakers to be language mentors, but I have spent time in the Multi-Cultural Center in the Red Gym long enough to know one could walk around for 5 minutes and probably find a helpful resource! I’ve met several Egyptians through Muslim Student Association events (you can go even if you’re not Muslim!) and I hope to attend more regularly to practice speaking with different natives besides my mentor.

Of Campus: I’m not aware of what is around Madison but I’ve heard iTalki is a great place to start speaking with native EA speakers.


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