Yoruba Cultural Resources

  1. Mosadomi Fehintola. 2011. Yorùbá Yé Mi : a beginning Yorùbá textbook. Austin : University of Texas.

This book is combined with open-access, multimedia website to enable language learners to access Yoruba language and culture in digital form. The book is multimodal; it provides learners with basic listening, speaking, reading, writing skills of language learning in Yorùbá, and several Yoruba cultural expositions.

2. Schleicher, Antonia Yétúndé Fọlárìn, 1998. Jẹ́ k’á Ka Yorùbá. New Haven: Yale University

A Yoruba language learning textbook for beginners. Has cultural notes in every chapter which highlight culturally relevant details information covered in the chapter.


The site offers Yoruba lessons, Yoruba culture and Yoruba online games to make the journey of learning Yoruba language a bit easier. Specifically on culture, this link opens up to online resources for various aspects of Nigerian cultures.


A Yoruba Facebook group, mostly including those Yoruba speakers in diaspora. It’s a beautiful resource because members share multimedia resources in Yoruba: Music videos, comedy clips, short movies, fashion posts etc.

5. is a platform that allows individuals to stream and watch high quality Nigerian films. Majority of films streamed in this platform are in Yoruba and Igbo language. It is a good resource for cultural self-immersion for Yoruba language learners.

6. WikiHow Yoruba

WikiHow Yoruba specifically teaches learners about Yoruba life, from basics in Yoruba language to complex Yoruba culture and religion. You can learn how to speak as well as learn Yoruba ways of life. It incorporates media, social sites, podcasts etc which are useful for language learners.

7. Yoruba community – Native speakers

Most Yoruba native speakers embody the Yoruba culture: dressing, food, even naming and behavior. Access to their spaces such as homes is a useful cultural trip. A good way of connecting with Yoruba speakers is available in my previous website update.


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