Comparative Clauses Exploration

Comparative Clauses Exploration

Objective: To help learners understand and use comparative clauses in Yoruba language.


  1. The mentor provides students with examples of different comparative clauses and their translations. Let students match the English translations to the Yoruba comparative clauses.
    a. I shall explain to you everything as it happened.
    Emi yio túmọ gbogbo nkan fun ọ gẹgẹ bi o ti ṣẹ̀.
    b. My brother is as happy as one can be.
    Ẹgbọ́n okunrin mi wa ni alafia bi enikan/enikeni ti lè wa.
    c. The inhabitants ran away as if the enemy were at the gates of the city.
    Awon ará ilú sálọ, gege bi enipé awọn ọ̀tá mbe ni ẹnubode ilú.
    d. The Assyrians came down like the wolf on the fold.
    Àwọn ara Assyria ṣokale wá gege bi koriko sinu ágbò àgutàn.
  2. Students break down the sentence and discuss how to create a comparative clause with the mentor.
  3. Comparative clauses are introduced by some adverb of manner, such as: bi . . .ti (as… as) ; gege bi (like, as); bi enipé or gege bi enipé (as if).
  4. The mentor gives students some prompts and instruct them to create sentences using comparative clauses based on the prompts. Remember to encourage creativity and provide assistance as needed.
    a. I shall look after your children just as if they were mine.
    Ẹmi máa tọju awo̧n ọmọ rẹ gẹgẹ bi ẹnipe wọn jẹ temi.
    b. Happiness are for those who live in a foreign land as if they lived in their own home.
    Aláfia ni fún awọn ẹni ti n gbé ni ìlú ajeji bi ẹnipe wọn gbé ninu ilé wọ́n paapaa.
    c. The enemy rushed on our camp, as if they had already on the victory.
    Awọn ọ̀tá rọlù ibudo wa bi ẹnipe wọ́n ti ṣẹ́gun nisisiyi ná.






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