Cultural Resources

Adriana Velasco

The following websites contain 5-10 cultural resources (including books and two websites)

Cultural Resources

  • Xhosa/ South African History Online

The Xhosa are one of the largest cultural groups in South Africa, coming second to the Zulu-speaking nation. Xhosa language is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa. This website is dedicated to celebrating the live, culture and tradition of Xhosa people.


  • ‘God is my forest’ Xhosa cultural values provide untapped opportunities for conservation by Michelle L. Cocks, Tony Dold, and Susi Vetter (2012). AOSIS Open Journals.Creative Commons.

This article provides an insightful perspective into the worldview of Xhosa people, and how their belief-system has played a big role in conservation.

  • The Culture of AIDS in Xhosa Society. Betsy Barr (2008). Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange. University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

This article explains how HIV/AIDS transformed Xhosa society and their culture.



  • Xhosa Poets and Poetry. Jeff Opland (1998)

“Xhosa poetry has defied the threats to its integrity over two centuries”


  • The World and the Word. Tales and Observations from the Xhosa Oral Tradition. Nongenile Masithathu Zenani. (1992)

This book gives a powerful insight to Xhosa oral tradition


  • The House of Phalo. A History of the Xhosa People in the Days of Their Independence. (1981)

This is the first ever written modern history of the Xhosa.


  • Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. Trevor Noah (2017).

Famous comedian, writer producer, political commentator, and television host Trevor Noah, relates his story of growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid. Son of a Xhosa mother and a German father made Noah’s existence during Apartheid a crime.