Speaking Activity


Picture Perfect Conversation

  • Activity Description:
    1. Select a set of pictures that represent various places or objects around certain topic.
    2. Explain to your mentor that you both will engage in a conversation based on the pictures.
    3. Start the conversation by describing one picture to your mentor. You can provide details about the content, colors, shapes, or any other relevant information.
    4. Your mentor listens carefully and responds by asking questions or sharing their thoughts about the picture.
    5. After a few minutes of conversation about the first picture, switch roles. Now it’s your mentor’s turn to describe a picture from the set, and you listen and ask questions or share your thoughts.
    6. Continue this process, alternating between describing pictures and listening/responding.
    7. Reflect on the conversation with your mentor. Discuss any new vocabulary, grammar structures, or cultural aspects that arose during the activity.
    8. Take note of any areas where you can improve or seek clarification from your mentor.
  • Purpose of the Activity:
    This activity aims to develop speaking skills, improve vocabulary, and foster meaningful conversations between the learner and mentor. By discussing pictures, learners can practice describing visuals, asking questions, and engaging in interactive dialogue. The mentor’s role is crucial in providing guidance, feedback, and expanding the learner’s understanding of the language.