Food & Drinks in Amharic: Basics of Ethiopian Food

Food is a huge part of Ethiopia’s culture and one of the most commonly known features of Ethiopia/Ethiopian society. Already having basic food vocabulary for vegetables, snacks, and popular Ethiopian dishes can be quite helpful when going out for Ethiopian food for the first time.


                                English                                                                            Amharic 

                                Breakfast                                                                          KURES

                                Lunch                                                                                MESSA

                                Dinner                                                                                ERAT

Foods (megeb):   

                                Injera                                                                                 INJERA

                                Popcorn                                                                          FENDISHA

                                Rice                                                                                     ROOZ

                                Bread                                                                                  DABO

                                Yogurt                                                                                 ERGO

                                Egg                                                                                   ENKULAL

                                Cheese                                                                                  IBE

                                Chicken                                                                              DORO

                                Beef                                                                                      SIGA

                                Fish                                                                                     ASSAH


Vegetables (ahtkult): These are some of the most popular vegetables you would eat if going out for Ethiopian food     

                          Onion                                                                                   SHIN-KURT

                          Collard Greens                                                                       GOMEN

                          Cabbage                                                                            TIKEL-GOMEN

                        Potato                                                                  DINICH                        

                          Lettuce/Salad                                                                         SELATA

                          Lentils                                                                                       MESIR

                          Beet (red root)                                                                          KYSIR


  Drinks (metet):

                             Water                                                                                      WUHA                               

                             Milk                                                                                        WETET

                             Tea                                                                                             SHY

                             Coffee                                                                                      BUNA

                      Honey Wine                                                                                   TEDGE

                           Beer                                                                                             BIRA

(popular beers: St. George (pronounced yergees), Heineken, Habesha Cold Gold, Guinness)

                   Soft Drink                                                                          LESLASA METET

(popular sodas: Mirinda, Coke, Sprite)


Food/Drink Requests:

English:  I want ______                                       English:  Can I have ____ please

Amharic: Inae ____ iffelagalo                              Amharic: Ihbako ____ iffelagalo

I (inae), want (iffelaglo)                                            Please (ihbako)


English:  I want food                                                 English: Can I have bread please 

Amharic: Inae megeb iffelagalo                               Amharic: Ihbako dabo iffelagalo

English:  I want dinner

Amharic: Inae erat iffelagalo







































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