Akan (Twi)

Akan (Twi) Learning Resources

Lucky for those who are learning Akan, there are many resources out there for you to utilize during your independent learning practice. These are the five that I have found to be most helpful for y language learning. I (and hopefully others!) will continue to add to this list.

Language learning lessons: 

  • Foreign Service Twi Basic Course Handbook Recordings –  This amazing resource provides written and oral drills that are fantastic for learning and practicing tones and well as pronunciation. The recorded dialogue is has slower versions for practicing pronunciation and faster versions for practicing listening comprehension.
  • Peace Corps Language Lessons  – This resource provides recorded drills and lessons, very powerful resource for working through pronunciation. These language lessons are a bit more approachable than the Foreign Service Basic Course.

Video Learning Resources:

  • Learn Akan Website  – This website and youtube channel provides video and written lessons for learning vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, there are a few short stories for translation and important cultural notes and video lessons.
  • BookBox on Youtube – This youtube channel has three short story-videos. The videos are in Twi, with Twi subtitles and a written English translation in the video description.
  • Modern Twi Channel on Youtube – This youtube channel posts new movies from Ghana. There are no subtitles.

Auditory Learning Resources:

  • Various radio stations – This website has links to multiple Ghanaian radio stations with varying news and entertainment topics.


  • My Twi Dictionary – This website provides free translation service from English to Twi and vice versa.


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