Learning Resources

There are a variety of in-text resources available on the UW campus, as well as online for those looking to learn Hausa. The resources listed below are more geared towards beginners, but more advanced texts are also available.


Located in the African Language Library

Boyd, Jean, and Mahammadu Ingawa. Ka Koyi Karatu 1. Northern Nigerian Publishing Company Ltd, 1981. — This children’s book is written entirely in Hausa with accompanying images, and also contains simple activities.

Chekaraou, Ibro. Mù zânta dà harshèn Hausa. NALRC Press, 2008. — A straightforward textbook with lessons that build off each other.

Galadanci, Muhammad Kabir MahmudAn Introduction to Hausa Grammar. Longman Nigeria, 1976. 

Binji, Hajiya A.M. Yara Mu Karanta. Royal Prints. — This elementary book helps learners master the alphabet, basic sounds as well as simple terms.

Located in the Memorial Library

Kraft, Charles H. A Complete Course for Beginners. Hodder and Stoughton Ltd, 1973. — A textbook that walks learners through lessons and uses a combination of accents to help learners understand tone and pronunciation.

*Numerous dictionaries are also available in each location.

Online Resources


The Live Lingua Project claims to house the internet’s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials. On their website they have access to Peace Corps Hausa resources, as well as resources from the Foreign Service Institute, the U.S. government’s foreign affairs training provider. Each offers a course as well as an e-book and audio files. Links to these resources can be found below:

Peace Corps | Foreign Service Institute


Numerous news stations broadcast and print in Hausa. Links can be found below:

BBC Hausa | VOA Hausa

BBC also has a Twitter account which you can follow here: BBC Hausa Twitter

General vocabulary and phrases

The following websites contain a wealth of phrases and games to help beginners learn the basics of Hausa:

ST Communications | | Master any Language

Verb conjugation

A free verb conjugation tool is also available through Verbix.


UCLA has a website that contains a wealth of information regarding Hausa language learning. UCLA


A YouTube channel dedicated to Hausa-language fairy tales that can be found here.


hello! Barka. This app is broken into categories including questions, greetings, and time, with each word or phrase having a phonetic spelling, as well as an audio clip. Unfortunately many of the categories require that you pay to upgrade ($1.99).

Quizlet can also be great for creating flashcards for study. It is available both online and as an app.


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