Yoruba Language Learning Websites


The site offers Yoruba lessons, Yoruba culture and Yoruba online games to make the journey of learning Yoruba language a bit easier. The creator tells us: “Don’t worry guys we’ve got this!” It’s a good site for learning Yoruba grammar more generally.


This website models an online Yoruba course (s) for different kinds of learners: beginners, intermediate and “catch-up classes”. One needs to create an account to be able to view lessons.


Yoruba basics provide resources: books, videos and lessons for relevant for teaching/learning Yoruba language at different levels/ages: kids, young adults and personalized or family learning.


It is commonly known as the Live Lingua Project. It makes available the “Free Foreign Service Institute Yoruba resources” for use by Yoruba language learners. The website provides free Yoruba e-books and audio lessons for learners to read and practice. It’s rich source for beginners in Yoruba.

  1. WikiHow Yoruba

WikiHow Yoruba specifically teaches learners about Yoruba life, from basics in Yoruba language to complex Yoruba culture and religion. You can learn how to speak as well as learn Yoruba ways of life. It incorporates media, social sites, podcasts etc which are useful for language learners.

  1. provides a comprehensive self-instructional topic useful for Yoruba language learners who may not have an opportunity to take a Yoruba class. It includes curated lessons, videos, Yoruba radio, quizzes etc.


This is a Yoruba Facebook group, mostly including those Yoruba speakers in diaspora. It’s a beautiful resource because members share multimedia resources in Yoruba. Some posts are also made in Yoruba.


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