Maa (Maasai)

Maa Lesson #3, Part #2: Parts of the Body H5P Activity

Hello fellow Maa learners! This second part of the “Parts of the Body” lesson is designed to build on and assess skills you have already accumulated. Recall from the first part of this lesson that you learned several Maa vocabularies related to the parts of the human body. You were exposed to a graphic that helped you make sense of these new terms, and you were given the chance to practice this vocabulary through flashcards. In this part 2, you will practice this vocabulary in context! I have provided prompts written in English to help you associate Maa words with their appropriate contexts. I have written these prompts in English because these lessons are designed for beginner learners. If the prompts were written in Maa, we would not be successful in completing the task. I know it might seem odd to connect Maa words to English sentences; however, this is simply another way to practice the vocabulary and assess your knowledge in a more contextual way rather than drilling more flashcards.



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