More Swahili Websites


News Channels

News channels are important means of knowing more about the people and culture of the language. Apart from keeping students updated about events around the world, it also exposes them to practical usage of the language in the media.

Home – HabariLeo

Habari Leo is a digital news platform from Tanzania

Swahili news | Habari za Kenya — Tuko.co.ke Kenya Swahil

This digital news channel reports news from around Kenya and covers major international news.

VOA Swahili – Sauti ya Amerika

Voice of America reports news from all over the world in Swahili.


Language Learning

The different learning platforms listed here can either be used as primary or secondary resource by Swahili learners.

Learn Swahili (swahilipod101.com)

Swahilipod101 is a website that runs a Youtube channel about learning Swahili. It presents lessons from different angles. There are the paid versions and limited free version.

Learn Swahili Online – Free Swahili Lessons (lingohut.com)

This presents 127 lessons based on related themes. It is good to learn pronunciation of Swahili expressions. It has a microphone option to record your version of the expressions.

Memrise – Swahili – Courses for English (US) speakers

Memrise is the perfect website/app to learn organized content. Vocabularies from Swahili textbooks are arranged by lessons. Grammar lessons are also presented in chunks for memorization. It also has Swahili for different purposes for example there are lessons for medicals.

learn Swahili (swahiliclass.co.tz)

Swahili Dar Language School from Tanzania is a platform that runs lessons for students. It has free video contents on Youtube but requires subscription to have access to all the lessons.

Swahili pronunciation dictionary (forvo.com)

This dictionary features pronunciation of Swahili words by native speakers.