“Of” / “From” and “Other/s” in Rukiga

Learners of Rukiga will commonly hear “of/from” and “other/s” in Rukiga constructed according to noun class. Knowing the various constructions of both terms will improve the learner’s ability to proficiently use Rukiga.


Basically, the prepositions “of” and “from” are formed by adding the correct noun prefix to “-a”.  The constructions of “Of”/”From” are as follows:

Noun Class Of / From Singular Of / From Plural
Mu-Ba Wa Ba
Bu-Ma Bwa Gwa
Ki-Bi Kya Bya
Ri-Ma Rya Ga
Ru-N Rwa Za
Ka-Bu Ka Bwa
N-N Ya Za
Mu-Mi Gwa Ya
Ku-Ma Kwa Gwa

A key point to remember with this is that the construction varies according to the noun class of the thing possessed and not according to the possessor.


The term “other/s” is formed by adding the relative subject prefix to the stem – ndi. There are exceptions however with the mu-ba, n-n, and mu-mi classes which use the -ijo ending. The terms “Other” and “Others” can be constructed as follows:

Noun Class Other Others
Mu-Ba Ondiijo Abandi
Bu-Ma Obundi Agandi
Ki-Bi Ekindi Ebindi
Ri-Ma Erindi Agandi
Ru-N Orundi Ezindi
Ka-Bu Akandi Obundi
N-N Endiijo Ezindi
Mu-Mi Ogundi Endiijo
Ku-Ma Okundi Agandi


Let us practice!



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