Useful Websites on Sheng Learning

Sheng the Language Variety

Online Sheng Dictionary: This is an online platform where the meaning of many Sheng words is given. Examples of those words used in sentences are also provided.

Online Sheng Dictionary: This, like the one above, is a site where one may find the meanings of Sheng words and phrases. This one seems to be more up to date with words and phrases that are in current usage.

Sheng Crossword Puzzles: Here, learners may be able to practice their language proficiency by filling out online crossword puzzles.


Sheng in the Host Community

Sheng Stories, News, and Gossip: Here, one will find news reported in Sheng, real life stories as well as drives urging readers to come together in support of issues that matter to Sheng speakers. Learners will find this site useful in that they will see Sheng in writing, practice reading it and also be able to tell what issues Sheng speakers consider important to them.

Sheng Videos: Learners may visit this site to watch and listen to a variety of Sheng videos including music, advice, pertinent societal issues and so on.

Ghetto Radio: This is the website for Ghetto radio, a Kenyan radio station that airs all its content exclusively in Sheng. Learners may listen to the radio, and/or read and watch news and stories on the site giving them a chance to hear the language variety in a natural sort of setting.


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