Sample Lesson: Greetings & Introduction


At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to:

a) Correctly greet a different person

b) Respond to greetings correctly.

c) Introduce themselves by telling their name and where they come from, and asking the same of others.

Activity 1:

Teacher introduces lesson by leading learners in the pronunciation of important terms laying emphasis on vowel sounds:

•Muuwa muno
•Uumite ku?


Activity 2:

(i): Teacher reads a dialogue aloud, while role-playing, between two people who have just met, as learner listens.

(ii): Teacher and learner read the same dialogue aloud, in conversation with one another as interchanging roles in the dialogue.

•Pete:      Muuwa
•Gloria:   Muuwa muno
•Pete:      Niatia witawa?
•Gloria:   Mbitawa Gloria.
•Pete:      Uumite ku?
•Gloria:   Mbumite Chicago.
Activity 3:
Learner practices greeting the teacher and introducing themself with the conversation withdrawn.


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