An Annotated List of 5 Yoruba learning websites

Here’s an annotated list of 5 language-specific websites that could be useful for Yoruba learners:

  1. My Languages (https://mylanguages.org/learn_yoruba.php) My Languages is an online website which provides various Yoruba learning resources, including vocabulary, grammar, audio and video lessons.
  2. Omniglot (https://www.omniglot.com/writing/yoruba.htm): Omniglot offers a comprehensive overview of the Yoruba writing system, including the alphabet, pronunciation guide, and useful phrases.
  3. Transparent Language (https://www.transparent.com/courses/#/yoruba/yoruba_general_vocabulary?vis=individual): Transparent Language provides interactive lessons, vocabulary exercises, and cultural insights for Yoruba learners. 14 days free trial!
  4. Yoruba Names (https://yorubaname.com/): Yoruba Names is a database of Yoruba names and their meanings. It’s a helpful resource for learners interested in expanding their vocabulary and understanding Yoruba naming conventions.
  5. Yoruba Dictionary (https://www.yorubadictionary.com/): It’s an online dictionary specifically designed for Yoruba learners. You can type in English words, and it will provide you with Yoruba translations. However, it does not offer sentences as examples.


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