Malagasy Writing & Translation Examples

Kate the Comedian

  • Mpampihomehy i Kate namako.

    • My friend Kate is a comedian.
  • Tena mampihomehy izy.
    • She is very funny.
  • Mipetraka any New York izy.
    • She lives in New York.
  • Nipetraka tany San Francisco ary Orange, Texas izy.
    • She previously lived in San Francisco and Orange, Texas.
  • Orange dia teny anglisy ho an’ny voasary.
    • Orange is the English word for voasary [orange in Malagasy].
  • Mipetraka any Orange ny reniny sy ny anadahiny.
    • Her mother and her brother live in Orange.
  • Lava volo blonde i Kate.
    • Kate has long blonde hair.
  • Be zesta izy ary mpanoratra.
    • She is very stylish and is a writer.
  • Tsara koka noho ahy ny Instagram azy.
    • Her Instagram is better than mine.
  • Mieritreritra aho tokony hankety Madagasikara izy, satria tsy dia misy mpampihomehy betsaka eto.  
    • I think she could come to Madagascar, because there are not many comedians here.
  • Lavitra kokoa, hotiany ireo voankazo mamy be dia be.
    • Also, she will like the many very tasty fruits.

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