Beginning Worksheet 7: The Possessive

Translate these possessive phrases.

1. a) my wife
b) his wife
c) our wives

2. a) our grandmother
b) their grandmother
c) your-plural grandmother

3. a) your dog
b) her dog
c) our dog

4. a) my neck
b) our necks
c) her neck

5. a) their clothes
b) your-plural clothes
c) your clothes

6. a) your tree
b) our tree
c) his tree

7. a) my onion
b) their onion
c) your onion

8. a) our boat
b) your-plural boat
c) his boat

Answer key

1. a) omukyala wange
b) omukyala we
c) bamakyala baffe

2. a) jjajja waffe
b) jjajja wabwe
c) jjajja wamwe

3. a) embwa yo
b) embwa ye
c) embwa yaffe

4. a) ensingo yange
b) ensingo zaffe
c) ensingo ye

5. a) engoye zabwe
b) engoye zamwe
c) engoye zo

6. a) omuti gwo
b) omuti gwaffe
c) omuti gwe

7. a) akantungulu kange
b) akatungulu kabwe
c) akatungulu ko

8. a) eyato lyaffe
b) eryato lyamwe
c) eryato lye


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