Prepositional Verbs in Rukiga

Prepositional Verbs

This page provides the basic details of prepositional verbs in Rukiga relevant for a beginner. Throughout the page, we use verbs that start in the “ku-” form, the basic Rukiga verb form.

Prepositional verbs convey the meaning of English words of for, from, at, and/or on.

The basic formula to make verbs in Rukiga prepositional is:

Verb Stem (VS) minus “-a” + ira/era

Typically verbs that whose last syllable contains nasal sounds like ‘n’, ‘m’, or ‘ng’ or those with sound “u” in the first syllable usually take “-ira”.

Some examples:

Ku-gamba  – gambira

Ku-byama – byamira

Ku-hunama – hunamira

Other examples from those that take “-era”:

Ku-yomba – yombera

Ku-reeba – reebera

Ku-roota – rootera


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