Beginner Speaking Activity- Jikoni Yangu


Learning Objectives

By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • Mention objects and items in the kitchen.
  • Talk about the objects in my kitchen and items that I don’t have.
  • Correctly enunciate words and sentences produced.

Activity A: Kuna nini jikoni mwako?

With a game called “mention mention mention” call out items in the kitchen

Note: This activity may be recorded in order to note unfamiliar items mentioned by the mentor and to note correct pronunciation


Activity B:

Question for the student- Kuna nini kwenye friji hii


Response: Kwenye friji hii, kuna:

  1. mayai
  2. mboga
  3. maziwa
  4. nyama
  5. chungwa
  6. maji
  7. vyakula
  8. pilipili
  9. maji ya matunda
  10. zabibu

Activity C

Question for the student: Talk about the items you have and don’t have using:

Nina kabati jikoni kwangu

Sina sufuria jikoni kwangu

Kuna maziwa kwenye friji yangu

Hakuna mayai kwenye friji yangu

  1. There is _ in my kitchen/There are no _ in my kitchen.
  2. I have _ in my kitchen/I don’t have _ in my kitchen.


Activity D

Question from the student: Kuna nini jikoni mwako?

Note: This activity should be recorded as well.