Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Tales of Horror in Arabic (Aleister Crowley)

Another Entry for Horror in Arabic

Did you enjoy reading about “Um al-Shalaashil” ? Well I’ve managed to dredge up another chapter from that ancient tome موسوعة الظلام. This entry is a little more historical, and covers the famous British occultist Aleister Crowely. Let’s go over the exercise guidelines again!

  1. Read the main text once WITHOUT looking at the word bank.
  2. Read the main text again this time using the word bank.
  3. Read the main text again this time writing your own translation.
  4. Check the translation against your own.



الستر كراولي (Aleister Crowley)

ساحر بريطاني شهير يعتبره البعض في الغرب التجسيد الحقيقي للشيطان. و اسمه الرسمي في كتابات الغرب هو (الوحش). ولد في انجلترا عام 1875 وارتحل الى كل مكان في الارض. ارتاد كل مكان من اعمق الوديان الى اعلى الجبال. تعلم اليوجا في سيلان وتعلم سحر القبائل وتعلم من بدو الصهراء. كتب مائة عنوان تقريبا و له مجموعة اوراق (تاروت) مهمة متداولة حتى اليوم. كما ان له مذهبا شهيرا اسمه (التيليما) و كتابا اشهر اسمه (كتاب القانون) يقال ان اكثره مسروق من كتاب (العريف).ثم مات في الاول من ديسمبر عام 1947 تم حرق جثته مع تلاوة مقاطع من (كتاب القانون) كما اوصى بهذا، و قد اتار هدا غضب المتدينين

قرا كراولي ترجمة لكتاب نيكرونوميكون…هكذا قرر ان يتقمص  بالكامل شخصية (الحظرد)، مؤلف الكتاب، وارتحل الى شمال اريقيا فقط ليجوب الصهراء وحده، ممارسا ذات الخبرة التي عاشها(الحظرد). جاء عام 1918 ليقابل امراة حسناء تدعى (سونيا جرين) وصفها في كتاباته بانها (يهودية حسناء ممتلئة بالحيوية).. كانت مطلقة تعمل بتصميم الثياب والقبعات…وقد عرفها (كراولي) وهام بها حبا لفترة قبل ان تتركه او يتركها. بعد ثلاتة اعوام تزوجت (لافكرافت) اهم كتاب الرعب الامريكيين، وفي العام ذاته ظهر اسم (الحظرد) الاول مرة في كتابات (لافكرافت)


المفردات (Vocabulary)

  1. ساحر=== sorcerer/magician
  2. التجسيد=== embodiment
  3. الوحش=== the beast
  4. الوديان=== valleys
  5. الجبال=== mountains
  6. عنوان===titles
  7. مجموعة اوراق === Literally “group of papers” here means deck of Cards (tarot Cards)
  8. متداولة === circulated
  9. مذهبا === sect (as in religious)
  10. مسروق === stolen
  11. ترجمة  === a translation
  12. يتقمص === to reincarnate
  13. مؤلف === author
  14. حسناء === beautiful
  15. ممتلئة بالحيوية === full of vitality
  16. مطلقة === divorcee
  17. الثياب === clothes
  18. القبعات === hats
  19. تزوجت === she married

الترجمة (The Translation)

A famous British magician who some in the West consider the actual embodiment of Satan. His official name in Western writings is “The Beast”. We was born in the year 1875 & traveled to all the places on earth. He went to the places of the lowest valleys to the highest mountains. He learned yoga in Ceylon  &the magic of the tribes & learned from the Bedouins in the desert. He wrote approximately 100 titles, of them is a group important tarot cards which remain in circulation even today. He also had a famous sect name (Thelema) and his most famous book is named (The Book of Laws) and it is said that a lot of it was stolen from the book (Azef). Then he died on the first of December 1947 & his body was cremated with the recitation of verses from (the Book of Laws) as the book suggests. And this has triggered the anger of religious people.


Crowley read a translation of the book called “Necronomicon” and thus he decided to reincarnate the the whole character of (Al-Hazred) the author of the book. He traveled to North Africa only to roam the desert alone, practicing the same experiences that (al-Hazred) lived. In the year 1918, he met a beautiful woman called (Sonia Green) & he described her in his writings that (she was a Jewish woman full of vitality). She was a divorcee working on designing clothes and hats and Crowley had known her and fallen in love with her for a time before she left him or he left her. After 3 years she married Lovecraft, the most important American horror writer. In that same year the name (al-Hazred) appeared for the first time thin the writings of Lovecraft.



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