Ngoko Krama Krama Inggil / Andhap Bahasa Indonesia
Aku Kula KA: (a)Dalem aku
Kowe Sampeyan KI: Panjenangan kamu
Dheweke Piyambakipun KI: Panjenanganipun dia
Awake dhewe kita kita
Aku kabeh Kula sadaya kami
Kowe kabeh Sampeyan sadaya KI: Panjenangan sadaya kalian
Dheweke Kabeh / Wong-wong kuwi* Piyambakipun sadaya / tiyang-tigang menika KI: Panjenanganipun sadaya mereka

Culture/Grammar Notes:
1. Pronouns are am important marker of status in Javanese culture — take extra caution to ensure you use the right ones. When in doubt, be extra polite!

2. People will often substitute third person pronouns for an honorific marker (Mas/Mbak/Ibu/Pak) + Name. For example, “Kowe arep nyang ngendi” (Mau ke mana?) would become “Mas Alex arep nyang ngendi.”

3. When people hear their name called, they may respond with “Kula?” or more rarely “dalem?.”


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