Family Members

Every household differs in who is living in it and it’s number of members. Here is a list of likely members to be in a household!

English                                       Amharic

Family (immediate family)        Beteseb

Family (extended family)          Zemedoch

Mother                                          Ennat

My Mother                                  Ennatay

Father                                             Abat

Sister                                              Ihit

Brother                                       Wihndim

Grandparent                               Ayat (for both grandma and grandpa)

Aunt                                               Akist

Uncle                                             Agot

Cousin       Ye Akist Lij (the child of my aunt) and Ye Agot Lij  (the child of my uncle)

Child (boy)                                      Lij

Child (girl)                                     Lij-it

Children                                       Lijoch

My child                                       Lij-ae

Friend                                         Guadena





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