Cultural Resources (Part 1)

1. Javanese & Indonesian Languages (geocite) This archived geocite provides a useful description and comparison of both Bahasa Indonesia and Basa Jawa, including detailed descriptions of
2. Bagong vs Dewa (Youtube) This is a recording of a wayang kulit/dhalang (shadow puppet) performance, performed in Javanese with Indonesian subtitles. Shadow puppet performances are generally based off of different mythologies, including Hindu and local traditions. The background orchestral music is known as Gamelan. The below video provides more background on these art forms.
3. The Wayang Puppet Theatre (Youtube) This UNESCO video provides an accessible description of Java’s rich wayang puppet traditions, with information about its origins, influences, and more.
4. Yowis Ben (film) Yowis Ben is a 2018 dramedy that takes place in East Java and uses both Indonesian and Javanese. It tells the story of a group of long time friends who decide to form a band.
5. On the Thrones of Gold: three Javanese shadow plays (book) This book provides a history of shadow puppetry in Java followed by English translations of three classic Javanese plays, including descriptions of the music, puppets, and performances, as well as the underlying cultural traditions.


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